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Welcome to WBA Academy

Dear WBA Academy's trainees and today's or tomorrow's security leaders,

WBA decided to create what it wasn't able to find:

A high level of training at the lowest possible cost.

We created a "model" of training, which is for us the minimum/optimum must get every Security, Law Enforcement and Close Protection Operative.

Without to create useless noise, in daily basis around the world WBA Academies providing serious training, respecting its trainees and the lives of the future clients/principals our their trainees.

And in order to not create a wrong idea about WBA, you have to know that WBA Academy it ISN'T a "branch" or a "hidden business" of WBA.
WBA it is an Association and it will remain always strictly Association.

Many they call themselves Associations but they are training business and many times very expensive according to what they provide.

So, WBA Academies are the approved -by WBA-, Security Training Academies.

Not easy for an academy to get the "rank" of WBA Academy, but if they can then they don't change their own title, because every single academy it's a seperated company and WBA doesn't have shares to any of these Academies.

Because World Bodyguards Association - WBA & WBA Academy are very famous brands, many tried and probably many they will try to "copy" our brand names.
Before you pay for any training, check to WBA's pages and if you aren't sure that you cooperate with us, please contact WBA by clicking here, or WBA Academy by clicking here.

WBA Academy soon will create in every country one Security Training Academy, with the best classes for all levels of training.

WBA Academy WelcomeS YoU

Copyright WBA. All rights reserved.
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